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Executive Shirt Service from Verlare Cleaners

Dry Cleaning:

We use two modern eco-friendly cleaning machines on all your best garments.

Executive Shirt Service:

We start by using a small cutting edge bar coding system to track each and every one of your garments, no matter where it is in our facility.

The bar code goes much further, it will connect your garment with your profile in our computer system. This allows us to consistently track your garments each and every time they come through our door.

After that our state of the art machines press your shirt, our inspector examines it and replaces any broken or missing buttons at no charge before it makes it into your closet. We guarantee it!

Executive Shirt Service from Verlare Cleaners

Free Delivery Service:

Our delivery service has been around since 2005 providing the same great cleaning right to your door. We know how busy life can be and we want to take one chore off the "to do" list. Sign Up Online


We have a full service alterations department that can tailor anything from your evening dress or suit to a skirt or pair of pants. Nothing is too big or too small. Read More

Leather, Suede, and Fur:

It's a good idea to clean your leather suede and furs annually. Cleaning will revitalize and extend the life of your garment. Knowledgeable professionals will choose the best cleaning method to process your garments.

Leather, Suede, Fur Cleaning, Hinsdale


We clean all types of rugs and other floor mats.

Rug Cleaning, Verlare Cleaning


We clean all type of drapes, panels, and window valances. Once the drapes have been cleaned they are finished and pleated as needed.

Drape cleaning for Elmhurst

Pillow Cleaning and Reticking:

Pillow Cleaning and Reticking, Verlare Cleaning Over time, pillows tend to become flat, or lose their bounce. Most people who have allergies tend to think it is the feathers in the pillow that irritates them, but actually it is this dust. Pillow cleaning and reticking returns the bounce to your pillows. The process sifts the dust out, cleans the filling and returns the bounce to your pillows.

Designed specifically for pillow renovating the cleaning process uses an ozone emitting germicidal light to kill bacteria, sanitize, and deodorize the filling. The old pillow is cut open and emptied into a tumble chamber which has rotating brushes that expose everything to the germicidal lights while breaking up clumps that have formed, fluffs up the down clusters and sifts out the dust that has been trapped in the pillow. With down pillows you can add more feathers to bring it back to the density of a new pillow. At the end of the cycle the entire filling is blown back into a 100% cotton down proof ticking.

Pillow Cleaning and Reticking, Verlare Cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation:

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Preserve the cherished memories of your wedding by preserving your wedding gown. When the guests are gone, you still have beautiful photos to help you remember your special day, and now with your gown preserved you'll also have it as a beautiful reminder.

You may want to preserve your wedding gown for your own memories or for your daughter or maybe even a granddaughter to wear in the future. No matter what your reason, your gown will remain like new for you to enjoy.

Your gown is hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms. Stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your gown. Your wedding gown is then individually cleaned. A thorough re-inspection then takes place; if any problems remain the gown is re-cleaned. Your gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed. The gown's bodice is shaped and put on an acid-free bust form for display. Your gown is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Our motto is "Customer Care by Verlare" and we live by that because all of our customers are treated to first-class customer service as well as the highest quality cleaning services anyone can offer. Give us a call at 630-279-6446 to see for yourself. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Verlare Cleaners and Tailors | Elmhurst, IL

Verlare Cleaners provides dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring services to Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Lombard, Glen Ellyn and the surrounding communities for over 40 years.

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Verlare is Going Green

Here is how...

Eco Friendly Solvent
Since 2005 we have used environmentally conscience solvents in our state of the art drycleaning machines. 99.9% of our solvent is reclaimed through a distillation process, which keeps the solvent pure and reduces waste. We do not use Perchlorethylene (Perc).

Plastic Bag Recycling
Plastic Bag Recycling We will recycle all of your plastic bags. Please drop them off to one of our customer service specialist and we will do the rest.

We Use OXO Biodegradable Plastic
This plastic biodegrades in 3 years if put in a landfill.

Hanger Recycling
Hanger Recycling Please feel free to drop off to us any of your used Verlare hangers, we take pride in reducing waste.

Our folded shirt carriers are made from 100% recycled paper.

We have converted 99% of our lights to CFL's to reduce our energy consumption.

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